Chance The Rapper Performance

Yah Know
By Mía Lee
Special presentation in collaboration with Chance The Rapper

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`` Chance wants to perform on the roof of the MOCA Museum, is that possible?``

Not a problem.. We designed a workflow that allowed for their camera team to shoot smoothly and for the Producers to see live feeds. We used long run fiber optic cables and wireless duplex coms to stay organized.

``We need professionals that REALLY know what they're doing``

We provide ONLY top level crew with excellent client handling experience. No need to worry about AAA talent when Film Play is running the show.

``The client wants a 30ft screen mounted on the outside of a building, can you do that?``

Absolutely. Being this is a museum location, special care was taken in the install and take down of all equipment. We always like to leave a location in a better condition than when we load in.

Behind the Scenes Photos